Beverlee Botanicals is a self-care brand that works holistically to enhance both inner peace & outer beauty. With the essence of pure aromatic essential oils, botanical elixirs, & zen massage therapies, you will unveil a path to serenity & inner peace.

Beverlee Felkner on the magical island of Bali playing with Anti-Aging Elixir & sweet orange  by Beverlee Botanicals. (a hydrating herbal beauty mist that boosts skin's radiance & calms the mind with it's aromatic essential oil at Le Meridian

With over a decade of experience in the beauty & wellness industry, Founder Beverlee Felkner is a devoted lifelong learner. She pours her heart into crafting botanical concoctions, providing top-notch services & aims to create a memorable & uplifting experience for each of her customers.




Prior to this brand , Beverlee worked her magic as a blonde color specialist & esthetician at the swankiest salons on 5th Avenue in NYC where she always held herself & her craft to the highest standards. 

Flash forward: She was becoming jaded in her career & deep down, she knew she wanted to touch people on a deeper level but didn't know how. 

She decided to get her diploma in the Business of Organic Skincare & started to play around with formulations & loved the craft but knew she still needed " to touch" people. 

While in London, studying abroad, she discovered Ayurvedic Head Massages. As a frequent spa goer, Beverlee never experienced anything so euphoric. She always said in her career, "the head is the most underrated place to be touched" "If I had a dime for everyone that said  ' can I take you home to shampoo my hair ?' " Or "I'll pay you not to stop massaging my head" She realized this was seriously missing in the Western world & one of the things she always adored in her career was helping people feel better about themselves. 

Ever true to her guiding light, she ventures off to the mystical island of Bali where she graduates from the International Spa Academy where she immersed herself in ancient secrets of Balinese, Ayurvedic Head, & Lymphatic massages. As well as Foot Reflexology & other eastern healing techniques.

Her journey is one of wonder & enlightenment, a testament to the power of dedication & the magic of holistic healing. 

Beverlee Felkner of Beverlee Botanicals holding the first edition Boujee Butter. Photographed by Debra Somerville of Delray Beach Florida

The First Edition Boujee Butter 

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